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Here are a few photos I took on the 4′ x 8′ test and display table.  I want to make clear that THIS IS NOT MY EVENTUAL LAYOUT.  It is just a place to “play with trains” and photograph projects until I get the real layout under way.  All images can be clicked to enlarge.

Both foreground buildings, the depot and the freight house, are scratchbuilt.
The largest background pines are scratchbuilt, the distant ones are part of the photo-background.
The wooden water tank is built from an Evergreen Hill kit. The little red Porter on the left is DCC and sound equipped, and it really sounds nifty! The three ore cars have had the middle two couplers removed, and been drawbar connected into one three-car consist.
Scratchbuilt wheel & tie car and center-dump coal car. These are part of my series of MOW cars built with basswood on Bachmann under-frames.
Small Porter in center has wooden cab replacement, and scratchbuilt wood tender on HO-scale bobber caboose frame.
Bachmann’s 2-8-0s, like the one in foreground are really heavy models that track well and pull a lot of cars. Because of siding length limitations on my eventual railroad, however, most trains will be limited to five or six cars.
Two other scratch-built cars in the series mentioned above. Here we have a gondola (left) for delivering drilling mud, in barrels, to the San Juan Oil Co., and a rail & tie car (right).
Close up of some of the details on the Durango Freight Company’s loading platform.
“Google-Eye Glenn” and his wife wave at a passing train.
Ore cars, water tower, vehicle. Porter conversion in background.
Mountain photo-backdrop.
A 4-4-0 American in front of the Durango Depot.

Here’s a shot of Krushke’s store, displayed as if it was on a street with the freight depot , with the passenger depot at the end of the street.


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